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"Whoa." "Holy shit!" "Wow." "...gulp." ~ The TGB's at Bandon, March 4, 2001.

Bandon 2k7

Gentlemen, it is time...no, it's past time. Way past time, in fact.

I am on page 175 of the inspiring "Dream Golf; The Making of Bandon Dunes" and all I can say is that life goes much too quickly, as was proven in Idaho last spring. If you haven't read this book yet, get after it - it is fantastic.

I propose that we meet at Bandon the second week of January, when the weather will probably be at it's outright shittiest and prices at their most reasonable-ist. Fair enough, I say - just bring it on.




I'll keep you posted, but I'd like to hear what all y'all have to say.          


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