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Special Newsletter - 2007 Masters

Several years ago my dentist (who had lived near Augusta once) told me how to get on the Masters' Practice Rounds Mailing List. I applied and have been receiving an application every year since. I was once offered 1 ticket only to Wednesday's practice round, but hey - gotta keep tryin'...I figure if we all get on the list, maybe we'll have a chance, who knows?!

Here's what it says on the official Masters website:

If you are not on the Practice Rounds mailing list and would like to be added for 2007, please send your name, address, daytime telephone number and Social Security Number to:

Masters Tournament
Practice Rounds
PO Box 2047
Augusta, GA 30903-2047

As always, I hope to see you soon on the first tee.              Coop  06/04/06


2007 Masters Practice Round Application
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